Ni’mah Health

Ni’mah Health

Ni'mah Health intertwines the principles of health and spirituality to offer a unique path to wellness - through health coaching, classes and resources. Their mission is to guide our clients through a journey of self-discovery and wellness, helping them unlock the full potential of their health and unveil every Ni’mah (blessing) of life.

March, 2024

Orlando, FL


BrandingDesignUI / UX DesignWeb Development


Client WorkStartup


Ni'mah Health's existing brand look generic and amateur. But more importantly, the brand lacked a clear vision and was failing to connect with its audience.


Through brand strategy consultations, we unlocked a bold and distinct brand identity with a clear understanding of who our target audience were.


The co-founders were beyond thrilled with their new visual identity and was an instant hit with their followers and friends on social media.