Lady Fatima Charity

Lady Fatima Charity

Logo design and brand identity for a charity dedicated to empowering mothers around the world. Probably one of my favourite logo design projects, so I was really gutted when the client chose not to proceed with this concept. I am using a different name to present this brand identity project.






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The client wanted to rebrand their already established presence as a charity within the Muslim community, with a global footprint of brand touch points. They wanted to revamp their brand identity and digital presence in a way that clearly communicated their primary purpose - empowering mothers. I had to create a logo design that felt like a natural progression from their existing brand to avoid too much disruption to their existing brand influence.


Within minutes of meeting the client for dinner, I became fixated on the idea of using the Arabic letter 'Fa' as a symbol of a mother cradling her child. I spent about 2 months looking at every single variation of the letter 'Fa' during my Arbaeen pilgrimage. Returning back to my desk, I began the process of designing the concept to present to the client. However, the client decided they did not want to proceed with a rebrand.