Labayk App

Labayk App

Labayk is a social media networking app for Muslims who want to create private online communities for discussion groups and to raise funds for local Muslim causes. We designed a logo and visual identity to help them transform their presence.

March, 2022

London / California


BrandingCreative DirectorDigital Strategy


Client WorkStartup


Labayk's existing brand was very generic and there was no clear USP for people to download the app. The founder of the app wanted me to help create a brand and digital strategy to help Labayk in a better direction.


I held one-to-one consultations with the client to define Labayk's purpose, objectives and audience. During the discovery, we learnt that the existing brand identity would be an obstacle to connecting with the audience. We designed a logo and identity that was bold and refreshing, including meaningful symbolism in the icon.