Digital Boost

Digital Boost

Digital Boost is a nonprofit organisation which matches small businesses and charities that need digital growth support with volunteer experts. I worked with my graphic designer as the creative director for this rebranding project which included a new visual identity, bespoke brand assets and templates.

July, 2022

London / California


BrandingCreative DirectorDesign


Client WorkNonprofit


Digital Boost wanted to revamp its visual identity to be more refined and in line with its brand values and intended audience. They already had an existing logo with significant traction, so we didn't want to radically change the logo in a way that would disrupt their existing influence.


We redesigned the logo by refining subtle details in 'the spark' shape and introducing a friendlier colour palette, alongside a new typography system. We created several mood boards to help the client make more informed decisions about the look and feel of the brand. As part of the revamp, we created icons, illustrations, documents and social media templates so that the client could implement and manage their own brand.


Digital Boost were very happy with the final result of the project and were excited to start implementing it. Unfortunately, due to time factors, I was not able to redesign their website, which would have been awesome. I was very happy working with my freelance designer, Halim, on this as he was able to understand the brief really well and was able to adapt to both my and the client's feedback.